September 23, 2015

[PHP][Python] Root Exploiter – No Back-Connect

Have you ever had any of the following issues? Shell access to a vulnerable (Rootable) server with a known root exploit but no reverse or back connection. Shell access to a server and you know the root login credentials but no SSH or any other means


August 26, 2015

[Python] Making Your Own Google Scraper & Mass Exploiter

In this Step by Step Tutorial, I'll show you how to make your own Google Scraper (Dork Scanner) and Mass Vulnerability Scanner / Exploiter in Python. Why Python? .. Because Why not ? Simplicity Efficiency Extensibility Cross-Platform Runability Best Community.


August 19, 2015

Acid Server 1 – Solution Walk-through

I love to solve CTF challenges. Even though, most of the time these challenges are far from the actual real world scenarios but still I really enjoy them. These are like Games & Scavenger Hunts where at the end, You get to see a (very cool) Flag.